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Social Media Page Management >> package deal
We Provide Full Social Media Marketing Services

Our services are like the following:

1. Platform Coverage
- Daily content posting on both Facebook and Instagram.
2. Story Engagement
- Engaging daily stories on Facebook and Instagram.
3. Photo Content
- Two expertly designed and branded photos will be created and uploaded every week.
4. Video Content
- Two professionally crafted videos will be recorded by our experienced team each month.
5. Comprehensive Editing and Montaging
- Our team will handle all editing and montaging tasks for both photos and videos to ensure high-quality content.
6. Sponsorship Management
- We will manage and oversee sponsorship-related tasks to effectively promote
special events, offers or collaborations.
7. Content Uploading 
- All contents, including photos, videos, and stories, will be uploaded by our team
to maintain consistency and professionalism.

Full Social Media Managment

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Social Media Page Management >> social media sponsoring

Leverage the power of social media with me, a certified digital marketing professional with a knack for creating engaging content that resonates with targeted audiences. Having over a year of hands-on experience in this field, I offer comprehensive social media marketing services that are designed to enhance your online presence, foster vibrant communities around your brand, and drive substantial results.

I am a Certified Digital Marketing Associate from Meta and have completed extensive courses in social media marketing and advertising from Coursera. These certifications reflect my in-depth understanding of the various strategies and techniques that underpin successful digital marketing campaigns.

My services extend across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I take pride in my proven track record of creating and managing posts that have consistently increased brand presence, driven website traffic, and generated leads.

Another key aspect of my service is the utilization of open-source tools like n8n to design and implement innovative automation systems. These systems are aimed at optimizing processes and improving efficiency, thereby allowing for more effective integration of marketing strategies into automation workflows.

In addition, I bring to the table proficiency in Facebook Ads Manager, which I use for creating, managing, and optimizing advertising campaigns. My experience includes targeting specific audiences, setting budgets, designing engaging ads, and measuring the success of campaigns using key performance indicators.

With professional proficiency in English and native fluency in Arabic, I am well-equipped to cater to a diverse clientele.

As your social media marketer, I will be committed to fostering strong relationships with your audience by facilitating online interactions and responding promptly to followers. My goal is to help you leverage the power of social media to achieve your business goals.

Trust my social media marketing services for a transformative boost to your brand's online presence.

Social Media Marketing Services

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